AFRI-MATION – When our clients affirm the work we are doing

We love receiving positive confirmation from our clients that we are doing a good job. It re-affirms that we are on the right track with our customer-centric approach to doing business. Thank you to everyone who calls or emails us to compliment us on work well done across all the service areas of our business.

Good Morning Julian,

I would like to say thank you for your service – the garden that you created a year ago as well as the synthetic turf you just installed. It has been a pleasure dealing with all of you – from yourself, Razeen, Linly, and Augustine and all the hard-working labour men. Although most of your planted flower beds died due to the drought, the feel of the garden has remained and the fact that I can now look outside and not feel depressed by dead grass and sand – is uplifting even though it is synthetic turf! It also is a very good solution to my dog issues. So, thank you very much for the valued service over the year – almost years! Thank you, Micky.

– A valued customer

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Dear Muneeb

I got my parking disk thank you.
Bravo on the excellent service.
Kind Regards

.– Charter House Investment Consultants
Parking clients in Hermanus High Street, where AfriPark manages on-street parking

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Our waste management and landscaping teams participated at a National Water Week event at GrandWest by assisting with the clean-up of the Elsies River Canal which runs alongside the entertainment complex. Our business is dependent on the use of water, we therefore take water conservation very seriously, and do all we can to ensure that a water-saving culture is promoted as part of everything we do.

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AFRI-PROFILE – Michael Thomas

We will be profiling one of our team members in every issue of AfriServ News. This month’s spotlight is on MICHAEL THOMAS, our Waste Site Manager at GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World

“I am Michael Thomas.

To start off I need to say I am a humorous person and I enjoy being around people, I love to talk and joke, and this is how my colleagues at AfriServ know me. I enjoy listening to Jazz or old school music when chilling at home, and I love gardening as it helps to de- stress. My favourite pastime is a long walk on the beach early on a Saturday morning.

The knowledge that my colleagues’ delivery in their respective roles is dependent on how I deliver in my role at AfriServ as their manager, is what gets me out of bed in the morning. I value the relationship I have with my team members, and we are passionate about working for AfriServ.

If I had a chance to change one thing in this world, it would be to ensure that there is justice for all!

I am the Site Manager in the waste area at the GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World on behalf of Afriserv and am very proud of my role within the company. Working at AfriServ means a great deal to me; I want to make the company proud, to help AfriServ grow into a world class organisation, and for people out there to know that I work for such a dynamic company.”

For further information regarding waste management, please contact Junaid Kader on or 084 012 7777.



We have landscaped a development for the Rabie Property Group in Burgundy Estate, called Springfield. Springfield is a 40 unit housing complex. Landscape architect work was done by Donovan Gillman of Urban Choreography, which designed the Jungle Gym as a statement feature of the project, while AfriLandscapes was contracted to procure all materials – such as raw cut gum posts – from various suppliers; we were also responsible for assembling this distinctive item on site. A unique aspect of this project is the fact that the garden is connected to a treated effluent water supply, so only grey water is used for irrigation, which is a very innovative solution.The project is in its final stages of maintenance to establish the garden and is anticipated to be completed by shortly.

For advice on water-wise garden design, implementation, and maintenance, please contact Julian Bartels on or 071 567 9775

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