August 28, 2018

We profile a member of our team in every issue of our newsletter. This month’s spotlight is on LEIGH SHADRACH, our National Parking Operations Manager. Leigh joined AfriServ/AfriPark in 2007, and continues to be a valuable member of the team. We get to know Leigh a little better to understand what makes him go the extra mile to ensure that our parking division offers our customers and clients the best possible AfriServ/AfriPark brand experience.

Tell us something about yourself in a few lines.

I love growing and developing myself through learning and trying new things. I also enjoy challenges. I am someone who thinks positively and can execute difficult tasks with ease. I’m not an individual who needs to be micro-managed; rather, when given a specific task, I am able to problem-solve and figure out the best way to turn the challenge into an opportunity, and to do so in a manner which benefits both the company as well as the client.

What are you passionate about?

There are a few 😃 One of my greatest passions is helping others. I am also passionate about meeting people and interacting with them. My other passion is to strive to be consistently good at what I do; this comes with not being afraid to take calculated risks to achieve positive results. I derive great satisfaction from learning new things, and to become the best that I can be at whatever task is at hand. I am passionate about being happy and achieving a state of inner satisfaction, and am aware that this can only be achieved through sheer dedication and hard work.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Acknowledgement for a job well done and when my colleagues believe in the work that I do motivates me to get out of bed. I place high value on being appreciated because I give every task my ALL, particularly since the work I am doing impacts my staff and our clients. One of my proudest moments was when a parking contract which I had managed for eight years was terminated because of a change in management. Realising the value we added, and our expert parking management expertise, we were re-appointed a year later by the new property managers, and have managed to consistently increase our client’s revenue year-on-year.

If you could change one thing that could make the world a better place, what would it be?

It would definitely have to be to put an end to corruption in our country.

What is your role at AfriServ?

I am the National Operations Manager. My role involves managing and overseeing the seamless operation of all parking sites which we manage on behalf of our clients. The on-going development and empowerment of my team, as well as managing the quality of their outputs are integral to my role. I am also responsible for budget management and controls in order to ensure that every project is not only executed consistently well, but also delivered to budget.

What does working at AfriServ mean to you?

Working at Afriserv is like working with family. Every member of the team is caring and supportive, and they are confident in my abilities to produce the best outcome for the organisation.