August 28, 2018

We partner with Grand Foods Bakery on a separate-at-source pilot project

In our drive to play a more active role in our customers’ waste management journeys, we partnered with Grand Foods Bakery, the manufacturers of Dunkin’Donuts doughnuts in South Africa, in a pilot separate-waste-at-source programme. The initiative is a response to reduce overfilled landfill sites since separation-at-source eases the strain on our natural resources, contributes to our Green Economy, and creates jobs and business opportunities in the waste sector. During July, the pilot project facilitated the reduction of waste to landfill by 76%, thereby reinforcing Grand Foods Bakery’s commitment to doing business responsibly through their waste recycling initiatives in order that they may impact the environment in a positive way. Of the 2.03 Tonnes of waste that were recycled in July, only 0.72 Tonnes were sent to landfill. For further information regarding waste management, please contact Junaid Kader on 021 418 4000 or