National Footprint

The AfriServ Group, through its various corporate service offerings, is proud of its well-established national footprint. We are thus able to sense and respond to client needs much more swiftly and effectively, no matter where the client may be based.

Project Management

All new projects – installations, construction, facilities management setup – are managed according to our proven and effective project management approach. This enables the client organisation to monitor and provide input into the cost, quality and time elements of the project implementation.


All work provided by members within the AfriServ Group is performed under strict on-site management and supervision. Regular and structured feedback is provided to the client to ensure that we continuously meet the required quality standards and overall client expectations.


At AfriServ, we pride ourselves on the skill set within the group. Training of our staff forms an integral part of how we do our business. Every project we undertake, every piece of work we perform thus provides an opportunity to learn and improve. Our staff members respond positively to this approach and are constantly seeking opportunities to improve our service offering.

Client Centric

All companies within the AfriServ group adopt a professional, client-centric approach to all our engagements with our clients.We understand that each organisation’s values, culture and objectives are unique. We therefore take the time to listen and understand before recommending and agreeing on a solution that is customized to your specific needs.