We have landscaped a development for the Rabie Property Group in Burgundy Estate, called Springfield. Springfield is a 40 unit housing complex. Landscape architect work was done by Donovan Gillman of Urban Choreography, which designed the Jungle Gym as a statement feature of the project, while AfriLandscapes was contracted to procure all materials – such as raw cut gum posts – from various suppliers; we were also responsible for assembling this distinctive item on site. A unique aspect of this project is the fact that the garden is connected to a treated effluent water supply, so only grey water is used for irrigation, which is a very innovative solution.The project is in its final stages of maintenance to establish the garden and is anticipated to be completed by shortly.

For advice on water-wise garden design, implementation, and maintenance, please contact Julian Bartels on julian@afrilandscapes.co.za or 071 567 9775

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