AFRI-MATION When our clients affirm the work we are doing

We love receiving positive confirmation from our clients that we are doing a good job. It re-affirms that we are on the right track with our customer-centric approach to doing business. Thank you to everyone who calls or emails us to compliment us on work well done across all the service areas of our business. Good day I’m not sure if I should be sending this to this email address as I found this on the board at Durban Station. I don’t think many people complement people that work hard. I would like to complement the young lady manager at Durban station. The guy at the gate calls her mam. Had issues with vagrants in the parking, and there was no security to assist. She stepped in, wasn’t afraid to chase them away and apologised to me and made sure that the staff took care of me. I just want to tell her thank you keep up the good work. Kind regards, Mrs R. Stevens The employee, Vaneshnee Govender, is our Parking Manager in the Durban Region. Well done,... read more


If it’s an office or building deep-cleaning solution you need, kindly contact 021 418 4000 or Contract Cleaning: Refuse removal, bathroom sanitisation, dusting, floor care, office and related equipment cleaning, spot cleaning for finger prints, and other general cleaning duties. Construction Cleaning: Cleaning of air-conditioners and ceiling lights, cleaning of bathrooms and related fixtures, interior and exterior glass/window cleaning, vacuuming and spot treating of carpets, sweeping and mopping of hard surface... read more

Waste management and re-cycling work commences at UNISA

Our waste management division has started providing waste management and recycling services at the UNISA Campus in Parow. Since the commencement of the contract in February, we have managed to reduce waste-to-landfill by 40.3%. This means that more waste is being recycled and re-used than is being transferred to landfill sites. Going forward, we will also be converting garden waste to compost which can in turn be re-used in the campus’s gardens. We welcome UNISA Parow Campus, and look forward to a long sustainability journey with them. Should you require waste management and recycling services do get in touch with us on 021 418 4000... read more


We profile a member of our team in every issue of our newsletter. This month’s spotlight is on COLLIN BRANDT, our Head of Security. Collin’s career in the security industry spans 27 years. Before starting at Afriserv as the head of security, Collin worked in Law Enforcement specialising in investigations and tracing. He loves working for Afriserv, being confronted with new challenges in the job, and most particularly, being a part of finding sustainable solutions for challenges. He considers himself a family man; he says that family always comes first and enjoys spending quality time with them. “If I could change one thing that would make the world a better place, it would have to be to encourage people to change to better themselves. If people change for the better, the world changes for the better”, he... read more

Exceptional team work is recognised at GrandWest

Our parking staff at the GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World was acknowledged for exceptional parking management, long service, and for showing dedication in their roles at a recent event at the complex. We wish to thank the team at GrandWest for their hard work and commitment, and for making us all proud. Well done, Team Afripark!! If you require professional parking management services, kindly contact Julian Bartels or Leigh Shadrach read more

Water-saving has to be integrated into how we do business

At Afrilandscapes we have had to apply novel watering solutions to continue to keep our clients’ landscaped gardens in pristine condition during the long droughts which beset Cape Town and the Western Cape in recent months. We have built water-wise practices into all landscaping projects which we manage, from drip irrigation systems, to grey water use, to trapping rain water in tanks for future use. No place is immune to drought, so we also prepare for such an eventuality by designing and implementing gardens which are resilient to dry conditions, and importantly, to integrate water-saving into how we do business. This beautifully landscaped residential garden was completed in Llundudno earlier this month. Afrilandscapes will also be responsible for the ongoing maintenance of this picturesque space, and will be using grey water to ensure that the grounds remain green and lush. If you require professional landscaping services, do get in touch with us on 021 418-4000... read more


We profile a member of our team in every issue of our newsletter. This month’s spotlight is ANELISIWE MPAKA, our face of AfriServ, our RECEPTIONIST. Tell us something about yourself in a few lines. Thank you very much for giving me this golden opportunity. My name is Anelisiwe Mpaka and I am hard working, a go-getter, and an independent lady. I am absolutely passionate about working with people. What gets you out of bed in the morning? I have a few reasons to get out of bed in the morning; my very first reason would have to be my daughter, Oluhle; I am privileged to provide and care for her. My second and equally important reason is to pursue my own goals for achieving success, both personally and professionally. I always strive to do better and to be a better person, and add value to my community. If you could change one thing that could make the world a better place, what would it be? It would definitely have to be crime, and the high levels of it in KTC, which is part of the greater Nyanga Township, where I live. I have been exposed to too many violent crimes in my area. Crime is one element in our society I would definitely love to change. What is your role at AfriServ? I am the receptionist here at AfriServ. However, my role is not limited only to the role of receptionist (phone calls, boardroom bookings, stationery orders, and such); I also assist with weekly, bi-weekly, and fortnightly payroll for all our on-site staff. What does working at AfriServ mean... read more


We supply a broad range of hygiene products for your office bathroom, ranging from towel dispensers, soap dispensers, air freshener dispensers, disposal bins, hot air dryers, and more. To obtain our price list, or to place your order, contact Junaid Kader on 021 418 4000 or... read more

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