Water-saving has to be integrated into how we do business

March 24, 2019


At Afrilandscapes we have had to apply novel watering solutions to continue to keep our clients’ landscaped gardens in pristine condition during the long droughts which beset Cape Town and the Western Cape in recent months. We have built water-wise practices into all landscaping projects which we manage, from drip irrigation systems, to grey water use, to trapping rain water in tanks for future use.

No place is immune to drought, so we also prepare for such an eventuality by designing and implementing gardens which are resilient to dry conditions, and importantly, to integrate water-saving into how we do business.

This beautifully landscaped residential garden was completed in Llundudno earlier this month. Afrilandscapes will also be responsible for the ongoing maintenance of this picturesque space, and will be using grey water to ensure that the grounds remain green and lush.

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